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New Jersey Mortgage Calculators

Are you given up trying to estimate your mortgage monthly payments! Do you require a perfect New Jersey mortgage loan but do not know how much you can afford!

We NJ Mortgage Brokers offer you perfect solution. Our exhaustiveset of online mortgage calculators are designed to provide accurate pertinent information for all your mortgage calculation requirements.Find your perfect New Jersey Mortgage Rate and then determine the
Top lender who matches this rate.

Mortgage Payment Calculator and Amortization table

This calculator will compute mortgage's monthly payment, which will include mortgage payment, interest payment, and insurance based on the principal amount borrowed, term of loan period and annual interest rate. Once you have computed monthly payment, click on the "Create Amortization Schedule" button to generate report.

Mortgage Qualification Calculator

This calculator will help you to determine how much you can afford for a house based on the gross annual income, PMI, your down payment etc and finally gives the result. It also gives "Amortization Schedule" if you want.

Mortgage Rate Comparison Calculator

This calculator will help you to compare monthly payments and interest rates of home mortgages at up to five interest rates based on the mortgage principal amount and the length of the mortgage in years.

Mortgage Payoff Goal Calculator

This calculator will show you the additional monthly payment you will need to make on your current mortgage in order to pay it off within a specified number of years. It will also show you how much interest you will save if you make the calculated additional payment each month, from now until your mortgage is paid off.

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator

This calculator not only helps to determine whether you should refinance your current mortgage at a lowest interest rate, but also calculates how many months it will take to break even on the closing costs.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator

This calculator shows a fully amortizing ARM, which is the most common type of ARM. The monthly payment is calculated to payoff the entire mortgage balance at the end of the term.